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TSqlObject Class Reference

#include <tsqlobject.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TSqlObject ()
 TSqlObject (const TSqlObject &other)
TSqlObjectoperator= (const TSqlObject &other)
virtual ~TSqlObject ()
virtual QString tableName () const
virtual int primaryKeyIndex () const
virtual int autoValueIndex () const
virtual int databaseId () const
void setRecord (const QSqlRecord &record, const QSqlError &error)
bool create () override
bool update () override
bool save () override
bool remove () override
bool reload ()
bool isNull () const override
bool isNew () const
bool isModified () const
void clear () override
QSqlError error () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TModelObject
 TModelObject ()
virtual ~TModelObject ()
virtual void setProperties (const QVariantMap &value)
virtual QVariantMap toVariantMap () const
virtual QStringList propertyNames () const

Protected Member Functions

void syncToSqlRecord ()
void syncToObject ()

Protected Attributes

QSqlError sqlError

Detailed Description

The TSqlObject class is the base class of ORM objects.

See also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TSqlObject() [1/2]

TSqlObject::TSqlObject ( )


◆ TSqlObject() [2/2]

TSqlObject::TSqlObject ( const TSqlObject other)

Copy constructor.

◆ ~TSqlObject()

virtual TSqlObject::~TSqlObject ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ autoValueIndex()

int TSqlObject::autoValueIndex ( ) const

Returns the position of the auto-generated value field on the table. This is a virtual function.

◆ clear()

void TSqlObject::clear ( )

Clears the contents of the object.

Reimplemented from TModelObject.

◆ create()

bool TSqlObject::create ( )

Inserts new record into the database, based on the current properties of the object.

Implements TModelObject.

◆ databaseId()

int TSqlObject::databaseId ( ) const

Returns the database ID.

◆ error()

QSqlError TSqlObject::error ( ) const

Returns a QSqlError object which contains information about the last error that occurred on the database.

◆ isModified()

bool TSqlObject::isModified ( ) const

Returns true if the values of the properties differ with the record on the database; otherwise returns false.

◆ isNew()

bool TSqlObject::isNew ( ) const

Returns true if it is a new object, otherwise returns false. Equivalent to isNull().

◆ isNull()

bool TSqlObject::isNull ( ) const

Returns true if there is no database record associated with the object; otherwise returns false.

Implements TModelObject.

◆ operator=()

TSqlObject & TSqlObject::operator= ( const TSqlObject other)

Assignment operator.

◆ primaryKeyIndex()

int TSqlObject::primaryKeyIndex ( ) const

Returns the position of the primary key field on the table. This is a virtual function.

◆ reload()

bool TSqlObject::reload ( )

Reloads the values of the record onto the properties.

◆ remove()

bool TSqlObject::remove ( )

Deletes the record with this primary key from the database.

Implements TModelObject.

◆ save()

bool TSqlObject::save ( )

Depending on whether condition matches, inserts new record or updates the corresponding record with the properties of the object.

If possible, invokes UPSERT in relational database.

Implements TModelObject.

◆ setRecord()

void TSqlObject::setRecord ( const QSqlRecord &  record,
const QSqlError &  error 

Sets the record.

This function is for internal use only.

◆ syncToObject()

void TSqlObject::syncToObject ( )

Synchronizes the internal record data to the properties of the object.

This function is for internal use only.

◆ syncToSqlRecord()

void TSqlObject::syncToSqlRecord ( )

Synchronizes the properties to the internal record data.

This function is for internal use only.

◆ tableName()

QString TSqlObject::tableName ( ) const

Returns the table name, which is generated from the class name.

◆ update()

bool TSqlObject::update ( )

Updates the corresponding record with the properties of the object.

Implements TModelObject.

Member Data Documentation

◆ sqlError

QSqlError TSqlObject::sqlError

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