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TPublisher Class Reference

#include <tpublisher.h>

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Public Member Functions

void subscribe (const QString &topic, bool local, TAbstractWebSocket *socket)
void unsubscribe (const QString &topic, TAbstractWebSocket *socket)
void unsubscribeFromAll (TAbstractWebSocket *socket)
void publish (const QString &topic, const QString &text, TAbstractWebSocket *socket)
void publish (const QString &topic, const QByteArray &binary, TAbstractWebSocket *socket)

Static Public Member Functions

static TPublisherinstance ()
static void instantiate ()

Protected Slots

void receiveSystemBus ()

Protected Member Functions

Pub * create (const QString &topic)
Pub * get (const QString &topic)
void release (const QString &topic)

Static Protected Member Functions

static QObject * castToObject (TAbstractWebSocket *socket)

Detailed Description

The TPublisher class provides a means of publish subscribe messaging for websocket.

Member Function Documentation

QObject * TPublisher::castToObject ( TAbstractWebSocket *  socket)
Pub * TPublisher::create ( const QString &  topic)
Pub * TPublisher::get ( const QString &  topic)
TPublisher * TPublisher::instance ( )
void TPublisher::instantiate ( )
void TPublisher::publish ( const QString &  topic,
const QString &  text,
TAbstractWebSocket *  socket 
void TPublisher::publish ( const QString &  topic,
const QByteArray &  binary,
TAbstractWebSocket *  socket 
void TPublisher::receiveSystemBus ( )
void TPublisher::release ( const QString &  topic)
void TPublisher::subscribe ( const QString &  topic,
bool  local,
TAbstractWebSocket *  socket 
void TPublisher::unsubscribe ( const QString &  topic,
TAbstractWebSocket *  socket 
void TPublisher::unsubscribeFromAll ( TAbstractWebSocket *  socket)

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