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THttpResponse Class Reference

#include <thttpresponse.h>

Public Member Functions

 THttpResponse ()
 THttpResponse (const THttpResponseHeader &header, const QByteArray &body)
 ~THttpResponse ()
THttpResponseHeaderheader ()
const THttpResponseHeaderheader () const
bool isBodyNull () const
void setBody (const QByteArray &body)
void setBodyFile (const QString &filePath)
QIODevice * bodyIODevice ()
qint64 bodyLength () const

Detailed Description

The THttpResponse class contains response information for HTTP.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

THttpResponse::THttpResponse ( )


THttpResponse::THttpResponse ( const THttpResponseHeader header,
const QByteArray &  body 

Constructor with the header header and the body body.

THttpResponse::~THttpResponse ( )


Member Function Documentation

QIODevice * THttpResponse::bodyIODevice ( )

Returns the IO device of the body currently set.

qint64 THttpResponse::bodyLength ( ) const

Returns the number of bytes of the body.

THttpResponseHeader & THttpResponse::header ( )

Return the HTTP header.

const THttpResponseHeader & THttpResponse::header ( ) const

Return the HTTP header.

bool THttpResponse::isBodyNull ( ) const

Returns true if the body is null; otherwise returns false.

void THttpResponse::setBody ( const QByteArray &  body)

Sets the body to body.

void THttpResponse::setBodyFile ( const QString &  filePath)

Sets the file to read the content from the given filePath.

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