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THttpRequestHeader Class Reference

#include <thttpheader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 THttpRequestHeader ()
 THttpRequestHeader (const THttpRequestHeader &other)
 THttpRequestHeader (const QByteArray &str)
THttpRequestHeaderoperator= (const THttpRequestHeader &other)
const QByteArray & method () const
const QByteArray & path () const
void setRequest (const QByteArray &method, const QByteArray &path, int majorVer=1, int minorVer=1)
QByteArray cookie (const QString &name) const
QList< TCookiecookies () const
virtual QByteArray toByteArray () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from THttpHeader
 THttpHeader ()
 THttpHeader (const THttpHeader &other)
 THttpHeader (const QByteArray &str)
virtual ~THttpHeader ()
THttpHeaderoperator= (const THttpHeader &other)
virtual int majorVersion () const
virtual int minorVersion () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TInternetMessageHeader
 TInternetMessageHeader ()
 TInternetMessageHeader (const TInternetMessageHeader &other)
 TInternetMessageHeader (const QByteArray &str)
virtual ~TInternetMessageHeader ()
bool hasRawHeader (const QByteArray &key) const
QByteArray rawHeader (const QByteArray &key) const
QByteArrayList rawHeaderList () const
void setRawHeader (const QByteArray &key, const QByteArray &value)
void addRawHeader (const QByteArray &key, const QByteArray &value)
void removeAllRawHeaders (const QByteArray &key)
void removeRawHeader (const QByteArray &key)
bool isEmpty () const
void clear ()
QByteArray contentType () const
void setContentType (const QByteArray &type)
qint64 contentLength () const
void setContentLength (qint64 len)
QByteArray date () const
void setDate (const QByteArray &date)
void setDate (const QDateTime &dateTime)
void setCurrentDate ()
TInternetMessageHeaderoperator= (const TInternetMessageHeader &other)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from TInternetMessageHeader
using RawHeaderPair = QPair< QByteArray, QByteArray >
using RawHeaderPairList = QList< RawHeaderPair >
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TInternetMessageHeader
void parse (const QByteArray &header)
- Protected Attributes inherited from THttpHeader
int _majorVersion {1}
int _minorVersion {1}
- Protected Attributes inherited from TInternetMessageHeader
RawHeaderPairList headerPairList

Detailed Description

The THttpRequestHeader class contains request header information for HTTP.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ THttpRequestHeader() [1/3]

THttpRequestHeader::THttpRequestHeader ( )


◆ THttpRequestHeader() [2/3]

THttpRequestHeader::THttpRequestHeader ( const THttpRequestHeader other)

Copy constructor.

◆ THttpRequestHeader() [3/3]

THttpRequestHeader::THttpRequestHeader ( const QByteArray &  str)

Constructs an HTTP request header by parsing str.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cookie()

QByteArray THttpRequestHeader::cookie ( const QString &  name) const

Returns the cookie associated with the name.

◆ cookies()

QList< TCookie > THttpRequestHeader::cookies ( ) const

Returns the all cookies.

◆ method()

const QByteArray & THttpRequestHeader::method ( ) const

Returns the method of the HTTP request header.

◆ operator=()

THttpRequestHeader & THttpRequestHeader::operator= ( const THttpRequestHeader other)

Assigns other to this HTTP request header and returns a reference to this header.

◆ path()

const QByteArray & THttpRequestHeader::path ( ) const

Returns the request-URI of the HTTP request header.

◆ setRequest()

void THttpRequestHeader::setRequest ( const QByteArray &  method,
const QByteArray &  path,
int  majorVer = 1,
int  minorVer = 1 

Sets the request method to method, the request-URI to path and the protocol-version to majorVer and minorVer.

◆ toByteArray()

QByteArray THttpRequestHeader::toByteArray ( ) const

Returns a byte array representation of the HTTP request header.

Reimplemented from THttpHeader.

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