TreeFrogFramework  1.18
TSqlORMapper< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for TSqlORMapper< T >, including all inherited members.

begin() const TSqlORMapper< T >inline
clear()TSqlORMapper< T >inlineprotectedvirtual
end() const TSqlORMapper< T >inline
find(const TCriteria &cri=TCriteria())TSqlORMapper< T >inline
findBy(int column, QVariant value)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
findByPrimaryKey(QVariant pk)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
findCount(const TCriteria &cri=TCriteria())TSqlORMapper< T >inline
findCountBy(int column, QVariant value)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
findFirst(const TCriteria &cri=TCriteria())TSqlORMapper< T >inline
findFirstBy(int column, QVariant value)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
findIn(int column, const QVariantList &values)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
first() const TSqlORMapper< T >inline
join(int column, const TSqlJoin< C > &join)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
last() const TSqlORMapper< T >inline
limit(int limit)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
offset(int offset)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
orderBy(int column, Tf::SortOrder order=Tf::AscendingOrder)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
orderBy(const QString &column, Tf::SortOrder order=Tf::AscendingOrder)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
orderBy() const TSqlORMapper< T >inlineprotected
orderByClause() const TSqlORMapper< T >inlineprotectedvirtual
removeAll(const TCriteria &cri=TCriteria())TSqlORMapper< T >inline
reset()TSqlORMapper< T >inline
rowCount() const TSqlORMapper< T >inline
rowCount(const QModelIndex &parent) const TSqlORMapper< T >inlineprotectedvirtual
selectStatement() const TSqlORMapper< T >inlineprotectedvirtual
setFilter(const QString &filter)TSqlORMapper< T >inlineprotected
setJoin(int column, const TSqlJoin< C > &join)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
setLimit(int limit)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
setOffset(int offset)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
setSortOrder(int column, Tf::SortOrder order=Tf::AscendingOrder)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
setSortOrder(const QString &column, Tf::SortOrder order=Tf::AscendingOrder)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
TSqlORMapper()TSqlORMapper< T >inline
updateAll(const TCriteria &cri, int column, QVariant value)TSqlORMapper< T >inline
updateAll(const TCriteria &cri, const QMap< int, QVariant > &values)TSqlORMapper< T >
value(int i) const TSqlORMapper< T >inline
~TSqlORMapper()TSqlORMapper< T >inlinevirtual